Did you know holding a stretch for more than 10-15 seconds actually increases your chance of injury?

AIS is a scientifically designed flexibility system backed by 40 years of research and practice by Aaron Mattes, MS, RKT, LMT.

Benefits of AIS

  • Increase mobility and flexibility:┬áReduces and eliminates tight muscles and stiff joints
  • Increase circulation: Stimulates circulation and lymph drainage which helps eliminate metabolic waste
  • Promote faster recovery: Improves oxygenation and nutrition to the myofascial structure, promoting growth and repair
  • Prevent injuries: Improves the function of muscles, tendons and ligaments, which reduces the risk of muscular strain and tear
  • Relieve Pain: 80% of back pain is due to mechanical dysfunction and can be relieved through body re-alignment and posture correction