In an FST session, you hop on a massage table with comfortable stabilizing straps, and a therapist gently pulls and moves your legs, arms, spine, and neck in different ways to stretch the fascia and lubricate your joints. Laura uses her body as leverage to create traction and gently moves your limbs in a wave-like motion, which helps calm down the nervous system and releases tension from your joints and muscles, which in turn helps the tissue to release. The constant movement (you never hold the stretch) through multiple planes of motion (up and down, side to side, or in and out) coupled with synchronized breathing is what sets this technique apart from traditional stretching.

Benefits of FST

  • Releases scar tissue and improves mobility in joints, muscles, fascia and nervous system
  • Relieves general joint stiffness
  • Relieves general muscle tightness and trigger points
  • Improves balance and coordination